Bandos Guide: Engaging with General Graardor in Old School RuneScape

As a seasoned player, or even a novice, on the Old School RuneScape scene, you’re likely no stranger to the wealth of excitement that abounds when engaging with formidable adversaries. In this intricate arena, one adversary truly stands out in the collective imagination—General Graardor. This mighty entity, the last known living member of the Ourg race, commands respect and strategic planning. Let’s delve into the nuances of effectively taking on this Bandos’ strongest devotee.

Pre-Battle Preparations: Equipping Yourself For Success

First and foremost, adequate preparation is the linchpin of any successful engagement with General Graardor. Before rushing headlong into battle, it is imperative to ensure that your RuneScape avatar is optimally equipped with the appropriate gear and supplies.

Recommended Gear

Melee Ranged Magic
Bandos Armor Armadyl Armor Ancestral Robes
Abyssal Tentacle Twisted Bow Kodai Wand
Dragon Defender Avas Assembler Arcane Spirit Shield
Primordial Boots Pegasian Boots Eternal Boots

Having the right gear, as depicted in the table above, can significantly boost your chances of emerging victorious from this encounter.

Essential Supplies

As for supplies, you’d want to have an inventory that includes Super Combat potions, Prayer potions, a one-click teleport, and high-healing food such as Sharks. Remember, being sufficiently stocked up isn’t an option—it’s a necessity.

Encounter Mechanics: Understanding Your Adversary

Understanding General Graardor’s mechanics is the cornerstone to formulating an effective engagement strategy. Here’s what you need to know about his attack styles:

Melee Attacks

General Graardor’s primary attack mode is melee. He delivers potent, ground-shaking punches that can cause significant damage. Standing at a distance from him is advisable to avoid these hits.

Ranged Attacks

Transitioning seamlessly from melee, General Graardor is also proficient with ranged attacks. He employs a powerful boulder toss, which requires agility to dodge. A word of caution here—these attacks can hit all players within the vicinity.

Special Attacks

On occasion, General Graardor calls upon his divine powers to execute a special attack—a ground pound. It’s a wide-ranging attack, dealing substantial damage to all nearby opponents, and also draining prayer points.

Strategy: Building A Plan of Action

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with General Graardor’s attack styles, we can construct a viable strategy to defeat him.

The Tank’s Role

The ‘Tank’ will be the player drawing Graardor’s attention. As the tank, you should equip the most robust defense gear possible. Be prepared to consume a substantial amount of food and potions, as you will be the main target of Graardor’s attacks.

The Damage Dealers’ Role

The rest of the team, the ‘Damage Dealers’, should focus on inflicting as much harm as possible. They should leverage the highest damaging weapons and ammunition in their arsenal, while also avoiding Graardor’s devastating area attacks.

Maintaining Prayer

Consistent use of ‘Protect from Missiles’ and ‘Piety’ or ‘Rigour’ is vital to reduce damage from Graardor’s ranged attacks and bolster your own attacks. Remember to monitor your prayer points to avoid falling victim to Graardor’s special attack.

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