Old School Runescape DESERT TREASURE 2 Guide

In the world of massively multiplayer online games, few titles stand as monuments to their genre quite like Old School Runescape. As an integral part of the Runescape universe, one of the most prominent and challenging quests is Desert Treasure 2. In order to help navigate the quest with the utmost proficiency, this article will provide a comprehensive guide.

Embarking on the Journey: Beginning Desert Treasure 2

The initial step in tackling Desert Treasure 2 involves understanding the prerequisites. Players must have completed the first Desert Treasure quest and have at least 53 Thieving, 50 Firemaking, 50 Magic, and 10 Slayer.

Furthermore, certain items are crucial to success in the quest. A significant portion of the quest occurs within the inhospitable climate of the Kharidian Desert, hence, Waterskins and Desert robes are imperative. An enchanted gem, a tinderbox, 650 coins, ashes, a blood rune, bones, charcoal, and a spice, make up the non-negotiable inventory.

Navigating the Quest: Understanding the Tasks

In this second part of the quest, players will encounter four powerful bosses, each representing a different element: Smoke, Shadow, Blood, and Ice. The pursuit of these bosses and their diamonds form the crux of the Desert Treasure 2 quest.

1. The Diamond of Smoke

The diamond of smoke rests in the hands of Fareed, the boss residing in the Smoke Dungeon, located south of Pollnivneach. To get there, travel through Shantay Pass, down to Pollnivneach, and then trek southward. Players must equip Ice gloves to be able to damage Fareed effectively, a point worth bearing in mind.

2. The Diamond of Shadow

Our next destination is the Shadow Dungeon, the home of the boss Damis. To reach the Shadow Dungeon, players must journey east of Canifis, passing the Mort Myre swamp. Remember, Damis drains Prayer, so the Protect from Melee prayer or a high Defence level will be indispensable in this fight.

3. The Diamond of Blood

The third diamond, the Diamond of Blood, is kept by Dessous, in the graveyard south-east of Canifis. To reach Dessous, one must use the ‘Kharyrll Teleport’ or walk through the Mort Myre Swamp. Dessous is a formidable foe with a ranged and melee attack. Players should arm themselves appropriately.

4. The Diamond of Ice

The final diamond, the Diamond of Ice, is under the custody of Kamil, in the Ice Path, situated east of Trollheim. Travelling there necessitates using the Trollheim Teleport. Kamil’s attacks can freeze the player, making him a challenging adversary to overcome.

Boss Diamond Location Weakness
Fareed Smoke Smoke Dungeon Ice Gloves
Damis Shadow Shadow Dungeon Protect from Melee/High Defence
Dessous Blood Graveyard southeast of Canifis Range/Melee Defence
Kamil Ice Ice Path Melee Attack

Victory and Aftermath: Reaping the Rewards

Upon defeating these bosses and gathering all four diamonds, players must return to Eblis in the desert. Consequently, he will give you the much-anticipated reward, the ‘Ring of Visibility.’ Additionally, players will also receive a substantial amount of experience in Magic, Thieving, and Slayer.

In conclusion, Desert Treasure 2 is a challenging but rewarding quest, laden with thrilling combat and intriguing lore. While the journey may be daunting, remember that every step, every hurdle, and every victory contributes to the grand adventure that is Old School Runescape. Happy adventuring, and may your quests be victorious!

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