Old School Runescape Magic Guide

To begin with, Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a widely popular MMORPG that has captivated the hearts of millions of players worldwide. Among the various skills and gameplay elements available, magic remains a fascinating and powerful aspect. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of magic in OSRS, exploring the different spells, training methods, and essential tips to become a master spellcaster.

Understanding the Magic Skill

To start off, it is imperative to comprehend the overall significance of magic in OSRS. Magic is a versatile skill that allows players to cast spells using a variety of runes as their primary resource. Furthermore, players can wield various magical weapons and wear mystical armors to augment their magical prowess.

Magic is an essential skill for both combat and non-combat activities, as it grants players the ability to teleport, enchant items, and perform various other utility spells. Consequently, gaining a firm grasp of magic is crucial for any aspiring adventurer.

Types of Spells

Combat Spells

First and foremost, combat spells are the bread and butter of any mage in OSRS. These spells allow players to inflict damage upon their foes, often with added effects such as freezing or poisoning. Combat spells are divided into three primary spellbooks:

  1. Standard Spellbook: The default spellbook featuring a wide array of elemental spells and utility spells.
  2. Ancient Magicks: A powerful and highly sought-after spellbook, focusing on area-of-effect damage and freezing spells.
  3. Lunar Spellbook: A supportive spellbook with an emphasis on healing and utility, although it does contain a few combat spells.

Enchantment Spells

In addition, enchantment spells are crucial for imbuing items with magical properties. Players can enchant various types of jewelry, such as rings, amulets, and bracelets, to unlock potent effects that can aid them in their adventures.

Utility Spells

Lastly, utility spells provide a myriad of benefits outside of combat, such as teleportation, alchemy, and even skilling assistance. Mastering these spells can greatly enhance a player’s efficiency and overall gameplay experience.

Training Magic: Methods and Techniques

Undoubtedly, training magic can be a daunting task for newcomers. However, with the right approach and persistence, it can become a highly rewarding experience. Here are some effective training methods:

Low-Level Training

For beginners, it is advisable to start with low-level combat spells such as Wind Strike or Water Strike. Casting these spells on low-level monsters, like cows and goblins, can yield good experience rates without breaking the bank.

High Alchemy

As players progress, High Alchemy is an excellent method for training magic while making a profit. By purchasing items with a high alchemy value and casting the spell on them, players can earn a substantial amount of gold and experience.


Splashing is a popular AFK (away from keyboard) training method that involves casting low-level combat spells on NPCs without dealing any damage. This can be achieved by equipping gear with negative magic attack bonuses. Although splashing provides low experience rates, it is an effortless way to train magic passively.

Bursting and Barraging

For advanced players, Bursting and Barraging are highly efficient training methods. These spells, found in the Ancient Magicks spellbook, deal area-of-effect damage and can yield tremendous experience rates when used on densely packed groups of monsters.

Gear and Equipment

Equipping the right gear is vital for maximizing magic experience rates and overall effectiveness. Some noteworthy magic equipment includes:

  • Elemental staves: Provide unlimited runes of their corresponding element.
  • Mystic robes: Offer substantial magic attack and defense bonuses.
  • Occult necklace: Increases magic damage by 10%.
  • Imbued god capes: Best-in-slot capes with significant magic attack bonuses.

Remember to upgrade your gear as you progress to ensure optimal performance.

Notable Magic Training Locations

Selecting the appropriate training location is crucial for efficient magic leveling. Some popular magic training spots include:

  • Sand Crabs: Ideal for low-level players due to their low defense and high hitpoints.
  • Pest Control: Offers a balance of combat and teamwork, with magic experience as a reward.
  • Slayer TasksCombines magic training with Slayer, providing a diverse and engaging experience.
  • Monkey Madness II Caves: The premier location for Bursting and Barraging, featuring densegroups of monsters.

Conclusion: The Path to Magical Mastery

In conclusion, magic is an indispensable skill in Old School RuneScape, offering a wealth of opportunities for combat, support, and utility. By understanding the various spell types, training methods, and essential gear, players can embark on the path to magical mastery. With dedication and perseverance, one can become a formidable mage, wielding the arcane arts with confidence and finesse.

So, go forth, adventurer, and embrace the mystical world of magic in OSRS. May your spells be potent, your runes be plentiful, and your journey be filled with enchanting discoveries.

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