Old School RuneScape’s NEX Guide

Undoubtedly, the world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS) never ceases to astonish with its layered complexity and myriad quests. Among the numerous challenges it presents, one stands out from the crowd – the notorious Nex.

Nex – A Brief Introduction

For the uninitiated, Nex is a high-level, sophisticated boss monster encountered within the God Wars Dungeon’s Ancient Prison. Introduced into the riveting universe of OSRS in January 2021, Nex swiftly became a favorite among players for the substantial rewards it proffers, despite its formidable strength. However, with this guide by your side, you’ll find yourself well-equipped to tackle the beast.

Preparing for the Battle

Gear and Setup

Your success against Nex is largely dependent on the gear you carry into the battle. In essence, Nex requires players to use all three combat styles, namely, melee, magic, and ranged. Therefore, players must ensure their inventory is fully stocked with gear that complements each of these styles. For instance, the Armadyl chestplate and chainskirt are recommended for ranged attacks, while the Ahrim’s hood and robetop are ideal for magic.

Stat Requirements

Apart from the gear, a player’s statistics significantly contribute to the outcome of the fight. Consequently, it is highly recommended to have at least 90+ in all combat stats, including hitpoints, strength, attack, defence, ranged, and magic, before confronting Nex. Additionally, a prayer level of 70+ for piety and rigour can be exceptionally beneficial.

The Battle Mechanics

Nex employs a specific attack pattern that alternates between ranged and magic attacks, which is crucial to understand for survival. Specifically, her attacks change after she loses 160 hitpoints, cycling through four stages that each necessitate a different combat style.

The Stages of Battle

  1. Smoke Phase: In this phase, Nex uses smoke spells, reducing your prayer points while dealing significant damage. As a counter, use protect from magic prayer and attack using ranged weapons.
  2. Shadow Phase: Nex’s attacks turn to shadow spells, reducing your attack level while causing substantial harm. Use protect from magic prayer, and switch to melee attacks.
  3. Blood Phase: Nex transitions to blood spells in this phase, which heal her while hurting you. Keep protect from magic prayer active and use ranged attacks to combat this stage.
  4. Ice Phase: In this final stage, Nex utilizes ice spells, which can freeze you in place while dealing considerable damage. Maintain protect from magic prayer and stick with melee attacks.

Understanding these four stages can significantly increase your chances of survival and success.

The Loot

Post-victory, you’ll find that Nex offers some of the most lucrative loot in the game. Rewards include Torva, Pernix, and Virtus armors, Zaryte bow, and the much-coveted Nex pet. The spoils of this battle are indeed enticing, which makes mastering Nex’s mechanics worth the effort.

To Conclude

As a high-level boss in OSRS, Nex provides an engaging and demanding challenge. With her fluctuating combat styles and the promise of ample rewards, tackling Nex is a rite of passage for serious RuneScape players. Though her attacks may be daunting, with preparation, a clear understanding of the battle mechanics, and perseverance, victory can be yours.

This guide serves as a comprehensive rundown of everything you need to know before heading into the ancient prison. Remember, your journey towards becoming a RuneScape veteran is a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient, learn from your mistakes, and eventually, you’ll triumph over Nex.

Note: Please refer to specific community guides or forums for more in-depth strategies, gear recommendations, and player advice.

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